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Elite Tanning at Hawaiian Glo Spa in Hollister

Tanning beds


Ultra Bed: Legend 548

This is our level 5 bed! It contains UVA rays. UVA rays tan multiple layers of skin. The Ultra bed is the best bed that is offered in this area! It is the safest bed, and almost guarantees a burn free experience. It also forms to your body to ensure that you're comfortable. The maximum time is 10 minutes. 

Mega Bed: Legend 448

This is our level 4 bed! It contains both UVA & B rays. It tans from the inside out, as well as the top layer of your skin. The bronzed glow is apparent immediately. Not only is the tan amazing, but the bed forms to your body for the most comfortable experience. The Mega Bed has a maximum time of 12 minutes. 

Super Bed: Epic 242

This is our level 3 bed. It contains UVB rays. UVB tans the top layer of your skin. The tan you will receive from this bed will not last as long as the other two beds we offer. The Super Bed is the most affordable option we have. The maximum time allowed in this bed is 15 minutes. 

Stand Up Bed: Essence 48

This is the highest level bed that we offer! It only contains UVA rays and allows a maximum time of 9 minutes. This is the easiest way to receive a fast and long lasting tan. The stand up bed can tan areas that lay down beds can not. It is great to switch between the two for the most full coverage tan.

VersaSpa Pro


pH Balance Primer

The VersaSpa Pro is an automatic spray tan booth. It provides an open and relaxing environment. Prior to receiving the bronzing treatment, the primer prepares your skin to ensure an even spray tan. After the bronzing treatment, a layer of moisturizer finishes off your session and locks everything in place. Every spray tan includes primer, color, and moisturizer. 

Bronzing Treatment

Choose from four different levels of bronzer, all of which are natural. The result of this bronzing treatment is nothing but a flawless tan. No orange color and no streaks!!! 

We carry two different colors; Norvell Venetian and Monterey Clear.

Norvell Venetian

  • Cool violet undertone
  • Bronze solution - instant tan
  • Maximum results in 4-8 hours
  • 4 levels

Monterey Clear

  • Warm brown undertone
  • Bronze solution
  • Delayed tan - goes on clear and develops gradually
  • Maximum results in 4-8 hours
  • 4 levels


Our VersaSpa Pro booth also provides an alternative option to tanning. It gives a full body moisturizer. Add this option on top of the regular spray tan, or buy this option separately to hydrate your entire body and get rid of dry skin!!